Orthopaedic - Large Bone
Electric / Battery
MDX Series

The MDX MultiDrive system is a heavy duty orthopaedic system suitable for large bone elective surgery, trauma and procedures. It is available with a choice of three power source options – aseptic battery, sterilisable battery and corded supply.
  • Powerful, high torque modular rotary handpiece, MDX-610 and two dedicated saws, KDX-600 sagittal saw and CDX-600 reciprocating saw
  • State of the art battery charging technology
  • System versatility, 26 standard rotary attachments with quick change locking mechanism
  • Colour coded rings for easy rotary attachment recognition and selection
  • Single handed, instant forward, reverse and safe mode
  • Handpiece reliability assured with high performance brushless motor technology combined with hybrid motor controller
MDX - Power Options

The MDX-610 system handpieces have a choice of three power options:

Aseptic Battery
Available in two sizes giving improved versatility of the system; the larger batteries (2100mAh capacity) are designed for heavy duty and orthopaedic procedures, the smaller (1000mAh capacity) are perfectly suited to trauma work. The simple aseptic battery, housing and shield technology ensures the packs are maintained and used in their optimal condition. Battery management is readily supervised by the theatre staff as the battery charger can be safely placed within the OR.

Sterile Battery
Contains NiCd cells with a capacity of 1200mAH or 1000mAH. The packs are specifically designed to withstand flash sterilisation.

Corded Direct Power
The power supply has two outlet connections and features an overload indicator which aids the surgeon in achieving optimum cutting performance, while the compact corded module simply slides into the handpiece.
Both the batteries detailed above can be charged using the BC-610 battery charger.
  • This charger allows four batteries to be charged simultaneously and provides the user with instantaneous information on a battery’s charge status
  • A simple display panel allows the user to quickly establish the status of the charging cycle and the general condition of the battery by illuminating a series of indicator bars when it has completed its charging cycle
  • Once a battery pack is inserted into the charger it automatically carries out a full diagnostic check and selects the correct charging mode
MPX and DPX Series

The combination of the MPX and DPX MultiDrive series gives a heavy duty pneumatic powered orthopaedic system suitable for large bone elective surgery and universal trauma.

The system has the following features:
  • Modular handpiece for universal Trauma
  • Procedure specific handpieces for heavy duty orthopaedics
  • Exceptional power to weight ratio
  • High power, high torque co-axial motor
  • Single handed instant forward and reverse
  • Variable speed progressive trigger giving perfect control
  • Fully machine washable
  • Utilises same attachments as MDX series giving full integration between power sources
  • Takes 26 different attachments
Special Products
MI-600 Reamer

The MI-600 minimal invasive reamer attachment is used for acetabular reaming on both hip re-surfacing and standard hip replacement where minimal invasive techniques are used. The attachment has the following features:
  • 45 Degree angles on shaft enables very good access to acetabulum
  • Bevel gearing ensures rugged construction enabling high torque usage
  • Accepts De Soutter standard reamer shells
  • Speed 0-150 rpm
  • Quick release shell mechanism


Orthopaedic Large Bone 
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