CC4 Universal Saw

The CC4 with its powerful 110 watt motor maintains rapid and efficient cutting on the thickest of body casts.
Other features include:
  • The knurled grip close to the saw blade provides the operator with excellent control and flexibility of movement
  • An optional clear polycarbonate extraction hood which ensures good visibility when cutting. The hood is fully rotatable to suit the most convenient cutting position
Please note that with the CC4 saw there is the option to connect to an extraction system.
CC5 Low Voltage Saw Plus Extraction

The CC5 System combines the latest technological features with a functional ergonomic handgrip making it easy to use.
CC5 Saw
  • Smoothly contoured saw designed to fit comfortably in the hand while providing the ideal cutting position
  • Balanced weight distribution increasing manoeuvrability and reducing wrist fatigue
  • Extraction path ducted internally through the handpiece, significantly improving visibility and handling
  • Specially designed rubber motor mounts which insulate the internal mechanism resulting in low sound level and reduced vibration
  • Two speed control on the handpiece providing a quieter, low speed setting which is ideal for use with children
CCS Extractor
  • The extractor has a four stage filtration system consisting of an easy to change Hepaflow synthetic collection bag, two cloth filters and a micro filter
  • The suction rate can be switched between powerful ‘high’ and quiet ‘low’ setting to suit operator and patient convenience
CC6 Low Voltage Saw less Extraction

The CC6 saw offers the same ergonomic and technical features as the CC5 model but is designed specifically for use without dust extraction.
CSB Battery Powered Saw

The CSB-100 saw permits the user total freedom of movement which is particularly useful for the emergency medical services, ward work, the veterinary profession and numerous other applications where the cordless concept is the only practical solution.
  • Supplied with interchangeable mains supply adaptors for use in most countries.
  • Light weight and well-balanced tool
  • Portable carrying case for ease of transportation
  • Supplied with spare battery and blade
Casting Accessories

We have a comprehensive range of casting accessories including the following:
  • Large selection of blades utilising innovative materials and coatings with a wide variety of sizes
  • Disposable Hepaflow synthetic collection bags
  • Underpadding scissors
  • Plaster shears
  • Large and small cast spreaders


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